Wednesday, May 7, 2008

On the rocks

I took my grandchildren out to help clean up the pine cones out of the yard before the first mowing this spring. The charm of putting pine cones into the bucket, soon gave way to the attraction of gathering rocks from our gravel driveway. The nearly three-year-old commandeered the toy car, and loaded the trunk with stones. The 18-month old had loftier goals: she hauled her bucket of rocks up into the skyfort--then started unloading them down the slide chute onto the grass.

What?? That wasn't the plan. So do I get annoyed that my pine cone crew wandered off? Do I get as much work done as I can while my little helpers are occupied elsewhere? And who is supposed to get the rocks out of the grass? Parents have to creatively deal with these distractions to keep their parenting plans from being "on the rocks."

--Excuse me. I have an 18-month old calling me to come catch her when she comes down the slide.