Saturday, June 6, 2009


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Yesterday was our thirty-third anniversary. We went out for steak dinner together. I went online looking for what gift was recommended to mark the year. They only listed gifts by every five years after the fifteenth anniversary. The twenty-fifth anniversary is marked by silver. Being practical, we got a three-in-one printer—it was silver in color, however.

The year my oldest brother got married was my parents silver (25th) anniversary and my grandparents golden (50th) anniversary. We had a triple celebration combined with family reunion for them.

The day we got married, the Teton Dam broke upstream from us. We debated whether or not to cancel the ceremony, but decided to go ahead.

My grandmother was at home by herself, when the Civil Defense folks came by and told her she had to get out because there was a twenty-foot wall of water headed her way. The water did arrive at her house two days later, and left it uninhabitable.

My sister, the matron of honor, came to the wedding, but did not stay for the reception. She needed to get back across a bridge before it was cut off by the flood water.

We left on our honeymoon, and my parents took the gifts to their house, which was about a mile from the river. The next day, neighbors moved all the gifts upstairs, and moved their furniture out to prepare for the coming flood waters. They had about six inches of muddy water in their house the next day. We spent the summer helping them recover from the mess that was left.

There were other stories, too. I made my wedding dress, and the zipper was somewhat fragile at the waist where all the layers of fabric came together. I told the girl who was helping me, that if it didn’t want to zip past that spot, to stop, and I would do it. She tugged instead, which broke the zipper. My aunt sewed me into my dress.

Weddings involve much preparation, and celebrate an institution ordained by God. Jesus even drew comparisons between the kingdom of God and a wedding feast. "The kingdom of heaven may be compared to a king who gave a wedding feast for his son.” (Matthew 22:2)

What wedding stories do you have?

God bless….

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