Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Castles in the Walkway

I was playing with two of my grandchildren yesterday, and the older one wanted to build a castle. Interestingly, she started the construction project in the middle of a narrow walkway. She was soon joined by her younger sister, who accidently knocked over part of the castle on her way by.

Soon they were both building castles. One preferred long blocks which she laid end to end, making a low sprawling castle. The other chose squares that she could stack into towers. Both castles suffered losses because of being built in the walkway.

I was thinking of Luke 14:28 and calculating the cost of building a tower before you start. Certainly one of the costs to consider is where you build the tower. Building in the walkway carries with it high costs of rebuilding.

We face similar challenges in growing as a Christian. We grow in different ways: we may be reaching upward to God, or stretching out to share God’s love with people around us. We grow in the midst of the walkway that is our culture. We get knocked over. We suffer losses. We rebuild.

May you not grow weary of rebuilding as you grow. God bless….

Millie McNabb, BA, BMus

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