Thursday, November 27, 2008

Grateful for Grandma

My daughter and I went grocery shopping together to prepare for Thanksgiving dinner. We unloaded the groceries at Grandma’s house, where we’ll be eating. Grandma, my mother-in-law, passed away last December, so this season is awakening memories for each of us. As I put the groceries away, I thought about the many meals prepared and enjoyed at her house.

Grandma lived in the same farmhouse for over sixty years. She worked side by side in the fields with her husband and sons, handfed baby calves, fixed meals at both ends of the day, including lunch to go, kept the farm books, sewed clothes and still made time for teaching Sunday School and serving in the community. When we’d come to visit with our young children, she’d make it a special time for us.

When we returned to live in Idaho, Grandma was a widow and no longer actively farming. She did, however, still have a large garden, a llama, lawns to be mowed, and, of course, cookies to be made. Our girls had the privilege of working with her, learning from her, and sharing in her life.

In her later years, we had the privilege and blessing of caring for her as dementia took its toll, and her health declined. Our goal was for each day to be a “wonderful” day, making the most of what she could still do. Putting together pre-school puzzles with her great-grand-daughter was a highlight of the day.

Grandma expressed her gratitude in many ways. She’d give us hugs or squeeze our hands. One time she said to me, “I’m not sure what you do, but I want to thank you.” We don't know all the things Grandma did for us, but we're thankful that she was a part of our lives.

Let us know about a special person that you're grateful for.

Happy Thanksgiving. God bless…

Millie McNabb, B.A., B.Mus.

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