Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Choosing a Spouse: The College Shop

©Millie McNabb

I remember my mother commenting that many women go to college to find the perfect man, and pick up a good husband along the way. Getting married may not be the goal when you go to college, but it is a meeting place for many couples.

Your list of desirable traits may include “likes to learn new things.” People who attend college may have that trait. If they graduate, they also exhibit perseverance, a hallmark trait for success. …Perseverance [brings about] proven character… (Romans 5:4a)

Many of our colleges promote a tolerance and mixing of religious values. Students who are unsure of their Christian foundation, may unwittingly adopt other religions into their thinking. “So while these nations feared the LORD, they also served their idols; their children likewise and their grandchildren, as their fathers did, so they do to this day.” (II Kings 17:41)

If you’re shopping in the college market, make sure you’re equally yoked with another believer, and not just enamored with a college degree. Ask, "Will this person intentionally raise our children to become Christian adults?"

Where did you meet your spouse?

God bless….

Millie McNabb, founder of Christian Values Legacy, has been married over thirty years. She offers parenting seminars that focus on passing on your Christian values. Request your free report “Considerations for Intentionally Raising Children to Become Christian Adults” today at

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