Thursday, May 28, 2009

Christian Values in Economics: Got your scarf?

©Millie McNabb

One of my husband’s grandmothers always went through a verbal checklist with her children and grandchildren before they left the house. Do you have your gloves? Do you have your purse? Have you got your scarf?

Our children knew the story, and we used the phrase, “Got your scarf?” as a reminder for each child to go through their own mental list of what they needed to be prepared for the day.

We have many options and distractions in life. Teaching our children to be prepared for each outing, also gives them the skills to think about what they need for life. Having a list—written, verbal or mental—can keep life from getting chaotic. “And the disciples came to the other side {of the sea,} but they had forgotten to bring {any} bread.” (Matthew 16:5)

What routines are you teaching your children?

God bless….

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