Wednesday, December 10, 2008


We just replaced our coffee table. It was the last piece of our “Early American Mobile Home” furniture we had when we married thirty-two years ago. It made the trek with us from Pocatello to Spokane, to Bremerton, to Baltimore and back to Idaho.

The table was just the right height for four little girls and their friends to sit and color, sitting on the stools Grandpa and Grandma got for them. It also served as the children’s dining table whenever it got too crowded at the main table.

When the girls were small, it was a wonderful cave. We’d put a blanket over it, and it made a delightful place to hide away. It was also a great tunnel for follow-the-leader.

I appreciate the “reminders” in our lives like the table: reminders of people who have touched our lives; reminders of family times together; reminders of God’s blessings through the years. Deuteronomy 6:9 talks about writing God’s law on our doorpost as a reminder, so that we don’t forget God when everything is going well.

What are some of the “reminders” in your life?

God bless…

Millie McNabb, B.A., B.Mus.

Strategies and support for parents who are intentionally raising children to become Christian adults.

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