Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Sense of Adventure

There was a prize giveaway at the mall Saturday, and our daughter was chosen to be one of twenty-five contestants. Each contestant had an opportunity to get elbow-deep in mashed potatoes and gravy, searching for numbered golf balls. After all the golf balls had been retrieved, they announced and awarded prizes that had been pre-associated with the numbers. Our daughter won hair cut certificates. The grand winner got a dirt bike, and he was ecstatic.

I remember a church Christmas party when the girls were little. The organizer asked for volunteers to perform “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” This same daughter, about age 5, joined the group without hesitation. She has exhibited this sense of adventure in many ways through the years.

From an early age, our children reveal their God-given design or temperament. As parents, we want to recognize those tendencies and encourage our children to grow in the way that they are “strongly inclined” (Proverbs 22:6.)

What traits did you recognize early on in your children, and how did you encourage them in developing those traits?

God bless…

Millie McNabb, BA, BMus

Temperament Profiles, strategies and coaching for parents who are intentionally raising children to become Christian adults.

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