Saturday, January 24, 2009

Chinese New Year

©Millie McNabb

There are several international students attending our local university. Many of the nationalities have a “night” for their country where they serve native food and share entertainment, pictures and costumes from their nation.

Tonight we went to China Night—The Chinese New Year, The Year of the Ox. (When my husband saw the poster, he asked if it was the Year of the Bull, and if so, did they not know about the financial markets.)

Usually the entertainment at these events is all students. Chinese night was different in that they included their children, as well. The show-stealer was a knee-high boy in the fashion show. After making the tour of the runway with his mother, he escaped and went back out on the runway on his own.

In Exodus 10:9-10, Moses told Pharoah that young and old must all join together in a festival to the LORD. Pharaoh response is insightful: "The LORD will certainly need to be with you if you try to take your little ones along!”

Including our children in our activities requires discipline and teaching. It is a challenge that certainly does require that the Lord be included in the process.

Did your children ever upstage the scheduled program?

God bless…

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Margaret said...

I could tell you the time I took one of my charges shopping at wal*mart to get supplies for the house.
He was in the basket part of the cart, I was reading the lable on some product and when I turned around he had some kind of white stuff in his mouth (year and a half old). I reached in and pulled it out but couldn't figure out what it was until I saw the towels I was going to buy. He had eaten the lable off.
He didn't really "steal the show" but when you're out and about with little kids don't leave them in arms reach of anything that could be eaten.