Monday, March 30, 2009

Birthday Remembrances

©Millie McNabb

Today is my birthday. We did most of the celebrating this past weekend, since that was more convenient for us. Thanks to my Facebook friends for their greetings. Thanks for the snail-mail cards and phone calls.

I was thinking about my birthdays growing up. My grandfather who lived across the road from us had a birthday on March 31. He always teased me that I was a day older than he was. My mother always had us take a bath the night before our birthday to wash off “that 9-year-old dirt,” or whichever year it was. One of my aunts that lived in another state always remembered to send a card, and had a source for fascinating cards that we all loved.

We usually had an intergenerational family gathering which included the four families that farmed together. Mama let us pick out the kind of cake we wanted. One year I requested banana cake. My youngest brother added to the décor by sticking a real banana in the middle of it.

God gave instructions for celebrations—the Feasts described in Exodus. As we celebrate our birthdays, we can use this as an example to teach our children about the importance of pausing, recognizing milestones and thanking God for His many blessings. It’s an important part of passing on our Christian values.

How do you make birthday celebrations special?

God bless….

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