Saturday, March 21, 2009

Health Fair

©Millie McNabb

My daughter participated in a health fair and I helped at her booth. It is always interesting to talk with the people that stop by, and fascinating to watch the people whether they stop or not.

Ours was one of the few holistic booths in a convention hall of traditional medicine. Some people studiously ignored us. They would glance at our display, ignore our greeting, and walk on. If they did stop, their comment was often, “I don’t need that. I’m good.”

There were people who didn’t know that we—or any other display—existed. Usually they were in a group and were walking around the fair talking with each other and not paying attention to the displays. One group of three women reminded me of flight attendants. They walked purposely past all other displays to their destination--a weight loss booth.

There were three groups of preschoolers-on-a-string. I imagine their favorites were the pig lung, the therapy dogs, and the booths with candy and balloons. Cookies were available at the host table, which I thought was incongruous for a health fair.

My favorite people, and the reason we participate in health fairs, are the couples or friend groups who see something on our display, and say to each other, “Maybe they can help you.” We probably can help them.

In Luke 8:1-15 Jesus told a story about the sower who had varying success depending on where the seed fell. The sower was faithful to sow the seed; the results depended on the soil where it fell.

Whether it’s health news, God’s Word, or homeschool lessons we’re sowing, we need to be faithful to scatter the seed. Even the good soil would produce nothing without seed. Do you have any stories of faithful sowing that took root over time?

God bless….

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