Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gracious Mentors

©Millie McNabb

I was thinking of women that influenced my life. I grew up in a close relationship with my mother and paternal grandmother. They were daily models in my life. I had a number of aunts—some who lived close by, and others who came to visit, bringing a touch of the exotic to our farm lives—each of whom had their influence on me. My sister is a special adult friend and influence.

There were also a number of women at church, who invested time teaching me in Sunday School and youth group. Beyond that general influence, there were two women who were very intentional in mentoring me.

Helen Johnson was my first piano teacher, but also groomed me to be the church organist, trained me to lead a volunteer choir, and taught me many good organizational skills in the process. Her home was tastefully decorated, and she made guests feel welcome in her home.

Charlene Schweissing was the pastor’s wife when I was in high school. She started a group for girls and taught me leadership skills as I worked with the younger girls. She encouraged me and broadened my vision of who I might become. The motto of the girls group became our homeschool and my life motto: …becoming gracious, mature Christian women. (I later added “productive” to the description.)

Proverbs 11:16a says, “A gracious woman attains honor.” I honored those women then, and I honor their memory now. The kindness, courtesy, tact, and generosity of spirit shown by these women were the qualities I wanted to characterize my life and pass on to my children.

Who were the gracious women in your life?

God bless….

Is your greatest desire to have your children become gracious, mature, productive Christian adults?

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